Forget the old silver fillings that people used to get to fill cavities. There is a brand new world of dental technology today.

Fillings are now made from a new material that makes a strong chemical bond with the tooth and can be made to match color so it is next to invisible. This material makes the tooth almost as strong as it was before the decay. Old silver fillings gave teeth only 40 to 50 percent of their old strength.

Tooth fillings

Look at these benefits:

- They are beautiful and almost invisible to the eye.

- They can be completed in one visit.

- They are stronger than an old-style filling.

- Because they are, there is less chance of the tooth cracking.

- The bonded material can not only be used to fill cavities but can be shaped to fill in a chipped or cracked tooth as well.

So come visit our clinic for your dental checkups!


Here is what some clients have told us about their experience with us:

I have always dreaded going to the dentist because it hurts and is no fun. Then I found this place. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I've had 2 wisdom teeth pulled while I was awake, and felt nothing. They walk you through all steps and let you know everything you may feel. I pay the extra money and drive a distance just for the service and no pain. It's great and I totally recommend them to anyone who is like me with that fear that the dentist office stinks.

Have been going there for the past two years. Very courteous and professional. Do good work also. - Ralph W

Very professional Doctors that preform high quality work and a great staff that stays on schedule. - Scott S.

I had a pain on my left front teeth and eye for a long time. When I went to see Dr. Cho, she found it out at my first visit that I had an infection. After I've treated with Root canals, my pain was gone. I was very relived and pleased with the outcome. I am very grateful to have such a knowledgeable dentist and awesome staff!!!!! - Kim P.