Tips for a Happy and Safe Halloween


1. Eat a Healthy Meal Before Trick or Treating: Although everyone in the family is bound to eat and receive lots of candy, eating a healthy meal beforehand will help your family fill up on nutritious foods instead of filling up on all that sugar!  Don’t forget, that trick-or-treat candy can last a whole year—it doesn’t have to be eaten in one night!

2. Remember Your Teeth: Halloween is definitely a time to indulge in some sweet treats, but be sure your children brush and floss after each time they eat their candy to keep their smile healthy.

3. Examine the Treats: Take a close look at the candy your child receives. Don’t let your child eat anything that looks questionable or that isn’t sealed properly.

4. Have Fun and Be Safe: Enjoy your time with your family and be sure to accompany your trick-or-treaters as they are out and about.

From Everyone at Harlingen Family Dentistry, Edinburg Family Dentistry, Brownsville Family Dentistry and Raymondville Family Dentistry, Happy Halloween!

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